Frog AGV Systems B.V.(荷兰)

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  荷兰FROG自动导 向系统公司研发与销售自动导向车辆系统与导航软硬件,我们提供低成本,高稳定 的物料搬运方案。自动导 向车辆系统的适用,涉及纸板箱,托盘,钢圈,知名的跨国公司如VW, General Motors, Nestlé, Hewlett Packard,索尼,当然还有一些小的,本土的 制造商使用我们的产品。

  FROG通过其荷兰,德国,美国分公司,还有世 界范围的代理网点为客户提供全球化的服务。

Frog AGV Systems develops and markets Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS) and navigation hard- and software. We supply material handling solutions based on cost of ownership, reliability and availability.

Applications of AGV-systems, with loads ranging from (cardboard) boxes to pallets and (steel) coils, can typically be found in and between production- and storage environments. Customers include multinationals such as VW, General Motors, Nestlé, Sony and Hewlett Packard, but also smaller, local manufacturers.

Frog AGV Systems provides the customers a global support through its offices in the Netherlands, Germany and the USA (Charlotte, NC and Detroit, MI) and worldwide network of partners and licensees. 

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